February 21, 2019

Team Bios

Angela Wilson, M. Ed
Chief of Staff, Team Lead, Federal Certified Navigator

  • Angela Wilson is an Educational Advocate with over 15 years of experience in Educational Leadership, Administration and Professional Development. In her experience with Training/Professional Development, Ms. Wilson designed and conducted training and development programs to improve individual and organizational performance.
  • Ms. Wilson also has experience in creating assessment and evaluation tools which measure effectiveness of training and learning outcomes based on data analysis.
  • Ms. Wilson has an expertise in educating and training various level learners. Her vast experience and keen knowledge of the impact of data driven reporting tools and her impeccable skills in leading teams which support and align to organization missions and visions have proven to be essential in designing outreach and educational strategies.
  • She also has a vast array of experience and insight with start-up, grassroots initiatives. Working collaboratively with community interest groups, Ms. Wilson spearheaded the start-up initiatives of a private school and a public charter school.
  • In her position as a Head Start Program Director, Ms. Wilson supported the well-being of the students and their families by implementing initiatives, collaborations and partnerships with local state, and federal agencies, private organizations and key community leaders, as well as, coordinating social services, health services, and community-wide educational programs.
  • Ms. Wilson serves as a Community Resource Specialist for people with mental, learning and physical disabilities. Her primary area of expertise is ensuring that individuals have the access to community resources and services which allows them to live independently by providing them with a wide knowledge base that allows them access to various service systems.
  • Ms Wilson does volunteer outreach to the disadvantaged population as Educational Chair of Reach Academy Charter School for Girls.
  • Being raised in a single parent household, Ms. Wilson has personal understanding and sensitivities to the plight and the limited language proficiencies of the low income population who do not have access to affordable healthcare.
  • She is a certified navigator and certified in Cultural Competency by the Office of Minority Health, Department of Health and Human Services.

Deborah. T. Lewis Thornton, MS. MPA
Deputy Chief of Staff, Training Director

  • Deborah Lewis Thornton is Deputy Program Director for Chatman, LLC the Delaware Navigator Entity, Widener University School of Law, located in Wilmington.  She is responsible for compiling data for mandatory federal government reports, recruitment, and hiring and training entry level staff personnel. Deborah is an experienced certified Navigator who was trained during the first open enrollment in the state of Maryland.
  • She served in a dual role with Chatman, LLC in Maryland as the Chief of Staff and Certified Navigator, where she was primarily responsible for personnel matters, including managing staff and insuring comprehensive quality customer service. Deborah earned a certificate in cultural competency from US Department of Health and Human Services.
  • In her role as a Certified Navigator, she aimed to provide optimal level of service to all consumers, most especially to the underserved population. She has thorough understanding of expanded Medicaid, Quality Health Plans and skillfully engaged the public in the discussion of the importance of having health insurance.
  • Ms. Thornton is an experienced public school teacher who currently works intermittently as a substitute  teacher with the Alexandria City Public Schools that includes grades (9-12).  Her educational experience in the classroom is further enhanced by her leadership role as the Chair of the HBCU committee and member of the Scholarship committee for the Old Dominion (VA) Chapter, the Links Incorporated.  She was also a Certified Leader Trainer for Weight Watchers for 6 years where conducted whole group meetings and workshops training members how to use behavior modification techniques.
  • She was appointed to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees for the formerly known Teikyo Post University (Post University) where she gained face to face experience working across cultural lines, traveling to Japan.
  • A dedicated public servant, with a public administration management background, Deborah Lewis Thornton worked a combination of 15 years with the federal government.
  • She worked as a Trade Specialist with the US Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration for 9 years and the US House of Representatives for 6.
  • She was elected the Waterbury Board of Alderman for 4 terms where she skillfully performed representative duties and provided strong leadership.
  • As a member of the Board of Aldermen, Ms. Lewis presided as chair of the personnel, community development, and public safety committee.
  • She was also appointed to serve as a Human Rights Commissioner and served as PoliceCommissioner Chair for two terms.  Ms. Thornton worked tirelessly with the community, doing outreach and working collaboratively with community groups to achieve resolution to problems and undertake initiatives.
  • Deborah Lewis Thornton served in the position of Second National Vice Chair of the National Congress of Black Women (NCBW) under the leadership of the Honorable C. Delores Tucker. She was appointed to fill the unexpired term of her predecessor and was elected to the National Board of Directors, where she was appointed by the Honorable Shirley Chisholm to serve on the
  • Executive committee.  Deborah Lewis Thornton was an active member with the Greater Waterbury Chapter of the NCBW.
  • A native of Waterbury, Connecticut, Ms. Thornton received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Bridgeport; a Master of Science in counselor education from Southern Connecticut State University, and a Master of Public Administration in management from the University of Hartford, School of Business and Public Administration.  Ms. Thornton needs to complete 3 credits to complete her Master of Science degree in education from the University of Bridgeport.
  • Ms. Thornton is an active member of the 19th Street Baptist Church, Old Dominion(VA) Chapter,The Links Incorporated, Old Dominion Foundation and the Washington DC Carats.

Maria Cabrera
Certified Federal Navigator

  • Maria D. Cabrera was elected on November 6, 2012 to serve a four-year term as an At-Large Member of Wilmington City Council and is the first Hispanic woman to serve on Council.
  • Councilwoman Cabrera formerly worked in the Wilmington Office of Cultural Affairs under former Mayor James H. Sills, Jr. and was Director of Education and Community Relations for the Grand Opera House.
  • Currently, Council Member Cabrera is a Certified Federal Navigator for the Affordable Care Marketplace Partnership Entity, Chatman, LLC.
  • She is has experience in local communications, event planning and community outreach.
  • For the past 25 years she has lived and worked in Wilmington. Councilwoman Cabrera has built strong strategic partnerships with leaders throughout Delaware and has demonstrated her leadership skills and dedication to the Wilmington community and throughout the State by serving as a member of more than 18 boards and committees. Including West Side Health where she served for eight years and worked launching a community dental clinic, and expanding the medical center statewide.
  • Community outreach and strategic, culturally-appropriate marketing is her forte. She managed a newspaper and performed community outreach for many organizations in Delaware.
  • Council Member Cabrera was a founding member of the Hispanic Business Association of Delaware and served as its President. Through her role on Council, she continues to focus on economic development and empowerment opportunities for people and communities throughout Wilmington, all of Delaware and beyond. The Council Member currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Kalmar Nyckel and the Interfaith Community Housing Foundation, and Sacred Heart.
  • Councilwoman Cabrera has received many commendations, including a letter of appreciation from President William Clinton, Women of the Next Century from the YWCA, Outstanding Latin American Leader in Delaware Valley, Community Outreach Award from the Latin American Community Center, Keys to the City of Wilmington, Outstanding Employee from Mayor James H. Sills, Jr., to name a few. Most recently Councilwoman Cabrera was recognized on MSNBC’s The Daily Run Down with Chuck Todd, Chief White House Correspondent, as a rising Star in Politics in the State of DE.
  • Councilwoman Cabrera is also a motivational speaker and is asked to speak at many functions on issues of cultural competency, emerging markets, outreach strategies and professional development.
  • She is an independent business woman, head of household, and mother of four.

Mary Shaffer
Certified Federal Navigator

        • Ms Shaffer is a certified navigator for Chatman, LLC with over 30 years of experience in the Medical field as a Medical Biller working primarily with Physician charges. She has also worked with Hospital charges as a Medical Biller in a Skilled Nursing Home, where the Primary Insurance was Medicare Part A and Medicaid.
        • Ms Shaffer did Medical Billing with her first Medical Office working for four General Surgeons in Wilmington. Here she created her first of many “procedure check lists” in order to prioritize the many daily jobs/processing of charges, payments, adjustments, Billing Statements to Patients and correspondences with Patients and Insurance companies.
        • Ms Shaffer also has 30 years of expertise in dealing with a wide range of insurance plans as a Medical Biller. They include Medicare Part A, Part B and Part C Plans. She also worked with Delaware (DE) Traditional Medicaid and later when Managed Care Medicaid was established.
        • Ms Shaffer has created many types of procedure check lists to aide in training of other Medical Billers. She also created an Excel Spreadsheet dealing with the Alpha Prefixes for BCBS plans across the United States which she won the President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement while employed at A I Dupont Hospital for Children in Wilmington DE. The Spreadsheet was noted to be a very useful tool and was put in place as a ‘must use’ throughout the Entire Enterprise for Nemours and as a must have learning tool for new employees.
        • Ms Shaffer has won many awards and obtained certificates for Customer Service while employed as a Medical Biller and in Retail Sales. She has been noted for her tireless acts of involvement as a ‘Patient Advocate’ for going the extra lengths to solve a problem or concern for a Patient/Consumer.
        • Ms Shaffer used her many years as a Medical Biller and as Customer Service working with the public to enhance her dealings with Consumers as a Federal Navigator working on the Afford Care Act.
        • Ms Shaffer has also created a ‘Check list’ of things to do “After Enrollment” that she gives to her consumers and it has been a very much needed educational aide which directs consumers as they continue with their insurance and the plans they picked.

Margaret Hoo-Ballade, ED.D

      • Margaret Hoo-Ballade, Ed.D. is a staff trainer, during the first open enrollment she was the Director of Training and Deputy Director.
      • Dr. Hoo-Ballade has a dedicated client base where she provides expertise in leadership development, research methodologies, quantitative methods, training and project management.
      • She also provides training expertise in both governmental and private sector environments to enhance the leadership skills of top level and mid level personnel.
      • Dr. Hoo-Ballade specializes in planning, developing, implementing and evaluating programs to ensure that government programs and businesses meet their goals and objectives.
      • Dr. Hoo-Ballade is a certified Emergency Response trainer and has worked extensively with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
      • She was appointed as a Senior Fellow to the New Teacher Project in Washington, D.C. and has been an Assessor for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.
      • She is an Instructor at Argosy University in Ballston, Virginia and Columbia College in Merrifield, Virginia.